When will I receive my packages?

Packages will arrive between 3-4 weeks after ordering. This time estimate includes building products and is subject to change depending on holiday delays and part availability.

How is my order shipped?

Orders are shipped via UPS and tracking information is sent via email once items have been shipped out.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No. Check back for updates though!

Is there a warranty for my items?

There is a limited liability 30 day warranty for manufacturing defects.

Manufacturing defects include:

    • Snapped neck
    • Damaged Body
    • Damaged Case
    • Missing or damaged electrical components

Is there a refund policy?

Unfortunately since each guitar is custom made we are unable to resell guitars. If you are unsatisfied with your guitar, please contact us within 30 days for a partial refund.

Can I change or cancel my order?

 You can cancel or change orders within 24-hours by contacting us at info@atlanticguitarshop.com and specifying your order number in the subject line.

How many guitars can I order at a time?

As many as you like! Fund a music classroom, start a band, do what you want.

Help! My guitar came and it isn’t what I ordered/expected. What do I do?

We just fired that luthier, sorry.

No but seriously, we highly advise you research the parts you select before finalizing your purchase. 

What if the customization/parts I want are not listed?

Then you are a real one and know what you want. Please contact us directly at info@atlanticguitarshop.com and we can work together to build your dream sound.